About The Arts Colony

“Promoting the Arts and the Artists”


Over a decade ago, the Corona Heritage Foundation (CHF) was created to oversee the property that once was the Corona Foothill Lemon Company.  Since that time, Corona Heritage Park was established and developed.  The 5- acre park includes a museum, artist in residence studios, a model railroad society, antique store, a number of businesses, and a couple religious organizations.


For years, the CHF has supported the arts in the park.  Developing a number of artist in residence studios, and working with the Corona Art Association, art became a prominent aspect on site.  In the Summer of 2011, the CHF decided to explore what could be done to enhance the presence of the arts around the park even more than what already existed.  The decision was made to create a regional Arts Colony that: increased the number of Artist in Residence studios, develops a well respected art gallery (with more to be created over time), and has a strong educational and outreach focus to the local community and Southern California. The mission of TAC is to promote and provide access to the arts through education, events, and experiences through a regional day-use arts colony located at Corona Heritage Park & Museum in Corona, California.


The difference between The Arts Colony (TAC) and many other arts oriented organizations is that the Corona Heritage Park and TAC have a symbiotic relationship.  In essence, the park exists to maintain a historical representation of what once existed in the Corona area, but also functions as and supports a strong regional arts and cultural identity.  As established, TAC has an operational Board of Directors, which in-turn is overseen by the CHF Executive Board.  You are welcome to view the TAC Operational Guidelines to better understand how TAC is organized.  The following names represent the current board.


TAC Executive Board

Eric E. Peterson - Executive Director
Kami Leonard- Show Chair
Melinda Sand - Secretary
Ira Yawnick - Education
June Yawnick - Volunteers & Community Outreach
Sal - Communications

TAC Committee Chairs

Robin Coates - Membership
Brice Wilson - Students
Cathi Calhoun - Donations & Sponsors
Gina Barron - Demonstrations & Classes

TAC Advisors

Marla Benson - CHF President
Pat Atwood - Treasurer CHF