3D/ Sculpture   

Best In Theme-Blanche Banuelos,Americana of My Youth

Honorable Mention-Wayne Rutherford, A Walk in the Woods on Valentine's Day

3rd Place- Wayne Rutherford, Mountain Man Spirit

2nd Place- Wayne Rutherford, Cowboy at the Cross

1st Place-Midge Kilgour, Celebration

Digital Art   

3rd Place- Eric Peterson, Best Laid Plans...

2nd Place- Eric Peterson, The Racer

1st Place- Kami Leonard, Bubba McLovin'


Best In Theme- Geeta Pattanaik, Among friends

Honorable Mention- Michael Chavez, Seraphina

3rd Place- Michael Chavez, "Super Model"

2nd Place- Mackenzie Maxwell, American Kids

1st Place- Geeta Pattanaik, Among friends

Mixed Media   

Best In Theme- Kami Leonard, Freedom

Honorable Mention- Phil Kilgour, Family Patriots

3rd Place- Jenny Lumley, Americana Mickey

2nd Place- Rob Mease, Philatelica Americana

1st Place- Kami Leonard, Freedom

Standard Photography   

Best In Theme- Cynthia Ramirez, stars and stripes

Honorable Mention- Robert Ardito, The Dancer

3rd Place- Thanh Lam, Orchid

2nd Place- Cynthia Ramirez, stars and stripes

1st Place- ira yawnick, Sorry No Gas

Enhanced Photography   

Best In Theme- Elizabeth M Taylor, Uncle Sam and the First Presidents

Honorable Mention-Robert Ardito, Back to the Present

3rd Place- Cathi Pedretti Calhoun, Spacecraft Apollo 2, Kennedy Space Center

2nd Place- Elizabeth M Taylor, Uncle Sam and the First Presidents

1st Place- Cathi Pedretti Calhoun, Waiting for the Bridge


Best In Theme- Zita Villanueva, "FIRST NATIONS" 

Honorable Mention- Brice Wilson, Secluded Classic

3rd Place- Mary Irvin-Baker, Sunflowers and Lemonade

2nd Place- Elizabeth M Taylor, "Heirloom Tomatoes with Copper Kettle"

1st Place- Geeta Pattanaik, Palms on Sunday


Best In Theme- Michael Dawson, Watson's

Honorable Mention- Tony Podue, Getting the Old 3751 Ready To Go

3rd Place- Tony Podue, The Old Bike Shop

2nd Place- Robin Coats, Hawk in the Garden

1st Place- Michael Dawson, December 7th


Best In Theme- Rob Mease, A Home in the West

Honorable Mention- Vicki Pedersen, Balboa Blues

3rd Place- chick curtis, disruption in red

2nd Place- MaryAnne Ardito, Land of the Free

1st Place- Susan De'Armond, Grand Canyon Spotlight


Best In Theme- Cynthia Ramirez, stars and stripes

3rd Place- Tony Podue, The Redcar Rolling Again

2nd Place- Zita Villanueva, "FIRST NATIONS" 

1st Place- Blanche Banuelos, Americana of My Youth

Best In Show- chick curtis, Moo Market Quintet