Painting Class with Chick Curtis

January 11, 18, 25;
February 1, 8, 15

10 am to 1 pm

All Media Welcome

This series is for all painters of any media.  Chick will be prepared to assist you in your own projects in general and will give specific information to those who wish to paint in oil.  He is going to hire models for three of the six classes for artists to paint if they wish.  Those who prefer not to paint from the live model can continue working on their own projects.  He will set up an area for the model to pose.

What can you paint?   Anything you want.  You can paint from photographs, your memory, still lifes, or en plein air around the park.  Chick recommends painting a still life at least once during the 6 week session If you are new to painting and he will help you develop ideas to work on with basic instruction in composition, value, color mixing, color “temperature”, and drawing techniques.

Each artist will be responsible for his or her own materials which should include a surface to paint on, paints, palette, brushes, solvents (or water if you are using acrylic) and containers for them, paper towels, rags.  If you have a portable easel or a table easel, bring that as well.  Also bring a piece of plastic sheeting or tarp to put under your work area to protect the floor.

The Art House has 10 drawing benches.  You may use them if you don’t have an easel.  Tables are available for anyone who needs one.  You will need to haul it in from the storage room by the kitchen back door.  During the three classes where we will have a model, the room with the fireplace will be reserved for those wishing to paint the model.

Chick will circulate among you during class to offer comment, encouragement, suggestions, and feedback to your project(s).  It would be helpful beforehand to have in mind a clear idea of what you want to do.  If you start a project that is vague, contradictory, or ambiguous, you are likely to wind up with similar results.  Experienced artists understand that a central idea is essential to a strong composition.  An idea does not have to be complex and multifaceted. For newer artists, he suggests painting something simple, perhaps two or three objects.  Most importantly, paint what you like.  If you paint from a photograph, consider it as an idea rather than something to copy literally.  However, newer artists are encouraged to copy at the beginning just to understand color value and temperature.

Call Chick or write him if you have any questions or concerns.  951.787.0569.