Featured Artist: Tim Waldner

Self-taught artist Tim Waldner creates art inspired by family.

"I've never intended to assign a 'message' to my work; instead, I've been inspired by the love of family and the desire to become a better technical artist. Mindful of how ephemeral life can be, I use art to capture the simple, fleeting moments of life and generally paint from photos culled from the family photo albums and then work to represent them as faithfully as my abilities allow".

He has been vocationally involved in the graphic arts field for forty plus years which has provided valuable experience in creating poster art, murals, illustrations and custom logo design as well as pinstriping and vehicle graphics.

He self-studies the techniques of masters such as Rockwell, Vermeer, Rembrandt, Degas, Caravaggio and Durer, as well as many others, striving to become a better technician and raconteur by keying on composition and employing methods used for centuries such as glazing and building up colors to achieve more desirous results.

"I work with acrylics using built up washes and glazes, and employ the drama of light and shadow to add interest to the work. Since I initially harbored the desire to paint in a highly realistic style, it's been a little surprising to discover that my abilities are better suited to Impressionism, and most of my still limited understanding and knowledge has been acquired by way of vocational experience and a lot of trial and error".

Tim is a husband, father, and grandfather and continues to enjoy "adding to the familial memories" as the family blossoms and grows.

An extraordinary artist, Tim Waldner is available for commissions.