Featured Artist: Victor Ciobanu

Born in Hotin Romania, Victor Ciobanu, began his pursuit for the arts at the age of 23. Having no real knowledge of the subject and wanting to attend the “Ion Andreescu” Fine arts Institute, he began to prepare himself for the schools rigorous qualifications. A very difficult task for anyone, Victor began to self-study with inspiration from within, as the only member of his family with an insatiable passion for art. Practicing daily for 3 months he was awarded admittance to the school where he studied various art mediums, techniques and painted 6-8hrs a day, 7 days a week for 6 years. Finishing first in his class, he was offered a teaching position in the countryside, which he refused, to focus on his art in Bucharest.

                                                                      To supplement his studio work he found a job as a serigraph printer and moved on to become an awarded graphic designer for newspapers in the region.

Since 1970 he has had award-winning exhibitions in places such as Bucharest, Rome, Chile, Italy, Helsinki, Israel and Moscow to name a few, and has just recently showcased his work in San Diego and Corona California.


With a future defined by those he meets, he describes himself only as a lucky artist, with the wish to show the new in what isn’t.