Book Art Class wtih Blanche Banuelos

Blanche will be showing us how to make this beautiful flag book. There’s still time to register. 

DATE:  2/12/16, Friday

COST:  $90.00

TIME:  9:00AM-2:00PM

If you’re interested in taking this class, please email Blanche at

or call (951)312-1974


Supply List:

1. Canson paper (or similar weight) to cover the book.  Pick colors you like- preferable to have 2. 

2. Mat board or tag board (if tag, bring sharp utility knife)

3. Large piece of heavy weight paper to paint, ie; 140 lb watercolor paper, or Bristol, or heavy drawing paper

4. Brayer, paint (acrylic, water color, poster, etc.), brushes for paint, pastels, glue brush (any old brush at least 1” wide), metallic leaf, leaf size, mod podge or matte medium, favorite scrap pieces of paper (fabric?)

Any of the above will do – you don’t have to bring it all!

5. Cutting mat I use Alvin, though there’s others). Just make sure its self-sealing

6. Utility knife with sharp blade

7. Xacto knife/breakaway knife

8. PVA glue (poly vinyl acrylic).  This is a book binders glue- better than white glue – tackier and quick drying.  Aleenes tacky glue may work, as well

9. Plenty of paper towels-  A must have!


Let Blanche know if you have any problems acquiring the supplies- she may have extra.                       

Kami LeonardComment