Featured Artist: Vicki Pedersen

Art has always been a constant companion in Vicki Pedersen’s life. Though she has always drawn or painted, she found working and raising her children left her with little time to devote to her art. It was with the encouragement and support of her husband and children that she finally decided to set aside time to pursue her art.

A dynamic artist with experience in many mediums, Vicki Pedersen has a unique talent for imbuing realism with a touch of whimsy into her pieces through the combination of her keen artistic eye and beautiful use of color. 

Drawn to color and movement, both of which are evident in her work, Vicki’s artistic interpretation of color gives her pieces a sense of mood that transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary.

A traditional representational artist with her own twist, Vicki balances the needs of the moment with available tools and makes beauty wherever she finds herself. Her life journey is captured in her creations, and those quiet still moments that are filled with beauty are forever caught, enjoyed, and lovingly shared with others.

You can browse more of Vicki's artwork at vickipedersen.com