Monochromatic Show 2016

We had an incredible reception at the gallery for our Monochromatic Show this weekend. We were honored to have Vice Mayor Dick Haley attend and hand out the Mayor's Choice awards for our show.  As always, thank you to all our talented artists and our invaluable friends for making this such an amazing show. 

We are proud to announce the winners of our Monochromatic Show:


Best of Show

Chick Curtis | Yellow Car


1st Place: Ira Yawnick | Fang
2nd Place: R. Mike Nichols | Of Birds & Fish 4
3rd Place: Tony Podue | Pinks
Best In Theme: R. Mike Nichols | Mission San Gabriel

Mayor's Choice

1st Place: Richard Ardito | Mountain View
2nd Place: Aurelia Thompson | The Bread of Life
3rd Place: Gina Barron | We Can See You
Hon. Mention: Kami Leonard | Little Red

People's Choice

Susan De'Armond | Looking East


1st Place: William Winbush | Psst!
2nd Place: Chick Curtis | Flight of Fancy
3rd Place: Susan De'Armond | Looking East
Hon. Mention: Aurelia Thompson | The Bread of Life
Best In Theme: Larry Springer | Mississippi River


1st Place: R. Mike Nichols | Quorra Amongst the Gladiolas
2nd Place: Tim Waldner | A Kingly King
3rd Place: Noemi Rojas | Untitled
Hon. Mention: Teri Gammalo | White House
Best In Theme: Tim Waldner | A Kingly King


1st Place: R. Mike Nichols | Mission San Gabriel
2nd Place: Teri Gammalo | Tammi
3rd Place: R. Mike Nichols | Fishscape
Best In Theme: Teri Gammalo | Kiss Me

Enhanced Photography

1st Place: Ira Yawnick | The Great Race
2nd Place: Eric Peterson | Nervous
3rd Place: Don Welton | Towering Over the Strip
Hon. Mention: Robert Ardito | Self Portrait
Best In Theme: Eric Peterson | Nervous

Standard Photography

1st Place: Eric Peterson | Jewels of the Artist's Hand
2nd Place: Robert Ardito | Climbing the Dune
3rd Place: Don Welton | Piering Into the Night
Hon. Mention: Bruce Arnold | Pacific Sunset
Best In Theme: Robert Ardito | Irish Boquet

Mixed Media

1st Place: Gina Barron | Men on the Moon
2nd Place: Chick Curtis | Ready for Take Off
3rd Place: Cathi Pedretti Calhoun | The Draught is in our Hands
Hon. Mention: Robin Coats | City Park
Best In Theme: Doris Higgins | Hamus the Hedgehog


1st Place: Vicki Pedersen | An LA Beauty
2nd Place: Rob Mease | The Fiddler
3rd Place: Terri Gammalo | Indiana Farm
Hon. Mention: Brian Williams | Kimberly
Best In Theme: Blanche Banuelos | Sean

Digital Art

1st Place: Kami Leonard | Little Red
2nd Place: Jake West | Bones and Arrow
3rd Place: Cathi Pedretti Calhoun | Manhattan Blues
Hon. Mention: Jake West | Modesty
Best In Theme: Jake West | Modesty

3D / Sculpture

1st Place: Blanche Banuelos | Mixed Media Neck Place
2nd Place: Robin Coats | Urnie the Fish
3rd Place: Chick Curtis | Geisha
Hon. Mention: Robin Coats | Flower Power
Best In Theme: Gina Barron | Study "We Can SeeYou"


1st Place: Noemi Rojas | Untitled
2nd Place: Zoe Leonard | Vine on a Wall
3rd Place: Adrian Thompson | Cat's Moon
Hon. Mention: Darian Thompson | Guitar Hero
Best In Theme: Adrian Thompson | Cat's Moon