Featured Artist: Tony Podue

Tony Podue is a second generation artist who grew up in San Pedro enjoying the spectacular views of the Los Angeles and Long Beach Harbors. His grandfather was commercial fisherman and one of the founders of the Fisherman’s co-op and is father worked on the waterfront for the ILWU for more than four decades.

As a young boy, he used to sit and watch his father paint fantastic views of the port, and showing such interest, his father went to the closet, pulled out an old shoebox lid, squirted out some paints, handed him a brush and a small canvas board and told him to go paint something. He completed his very first oil painting at the age of six and has been painting ever since.

Tony is self-taught and has worked in virtually all media’s, but prefers acrylics and oils because of their vibrant colors and infinite pallets. He likes to work in photo-realism style because it offers the greatest challenge and even greater reward when executed properly. He has had some success in this effort, as he has won more the 500 awards in local, national and international juried open shows over the past 15 years. He has been a featured artist in The Faces and Place book and art magazines. He has art in private collections and artwork on permanent display in the Los Angeles City Fire Department Historical Society Museum. Tony has served as president of the Anaheim Art Association for 5 years, the Orange Art Association for 4 years, Huntington Beach Art League for one term and currently at the helm of the Lakewood Artist Guild on his second term.