1st Place                                Cathi                                   Pedretti Calhoun         Fruitalicious



Best In Theme                     Denise                                Hack                               My Giant Sweet Tooth

Honorable Mention           Midge                                 Tosten Kilgour             Pumpkin Pie Anyone?

3rd Place                               Phil                                      Kilgour                           Watermelon

2nd Place                              Denise                                Hack                               My Giant Sweet Tooth

1st Place                                Brian                                   Williams                        Tuna Melt



Best In Theme                     Robin                                  Coats                             Birds & Berries

Honorable Mention           Robin                                  Coats                             Birds & Berries

3rd Place                               Mackenzie                         Maxwell                        Jared

2nd Place                              Robert                                Ball                                 Mother Nature

1st Place                                Robin                                  Coats                             Pastoral Pasture


Mixed Media                                                       

Best In Theme                     Teri                                     Gammalo                      Cherry Cherry Cheesecake

3rd Place                               Chick                                  Curtis                             Entropy

2nd Place                              Teri                                     Gammalo                      Cherry Cherry Cheesecake

1st Place                                Chick                                  Curtis                             Four Bottle's A Fan


Standard Photography                                                                     

Best In Theme                     Ira                                       Yawnick                         Asparagus

Honorable Mention           Brice                                   Wilson                           My Eye

3rd Place                               Aurelia                               Thompson                    Fresh Fruit

2nd Place                              Don                                     Welton                          Hope In the City

1st Place                                Sal U.                                  Tations                          Easter Bunny


Enhanced Photography                                                          

Best In Theme                     Rob                                     Mease                           Cornucopia

Honorable Mention           Don                                     Welton                          Bon Appetit at Cezanne's Café

3rd Place                               Rob                                     Mease                           Cornucopia

2nd Place                              Robert                                Ball                                 True Blue Friends

1st Place                                Robert                                Ball                                 Magic Tree



Best In Theme                     Zita                                     Villanueva                     Peeled Navel

Honorable Mention           Geeta                                 Pattanaik                      Daily Duties

3rd Place                               Alice                                   Barrutia                         Fruit & Chalice #2

2nd Place                              Teri                                     Gammalo                      A Truffle A Day

1st Place                                Susan                                  De'Armond                   Veggie-ful Colors



Best In Theme                     Tony                                   Podue                            Bob's Big Boy

3rd Place                               Tim                                     Waldner                        Morning Bounty

2nd Place                              Michael                              Dawson                         Bay View

1st Place                                Michael                              Dawson                         Tuscany Countryside



Best In Theme                     Aurelia                               Thompson                    Fruit

Honorable Mention           Karen                                  Neal                               I See You

3rd Place                               Chick                                  Curtis                             Today's Special

2nd Place                              Aurelia                               Thompson                    Green Apple

1st Place                                Joyce                                  Matthews                     Lunchbreak



Best in Theme                      Susan                                  De'Armond                   Veggie-ful Colors

1st Place                                Tony                                   Podue                            Bob's Big Boy

2nd Place                              Michael                              Dawson                         Lake Reflections

3rd Place                               Mackenzie                         Maxwell                        Enigma

Best in Show                        Brice                                   Wilson                           Manhattan and Appletini