Best In Show-Joyce Matthews-The Stare

1st Place-Melinda Sand-Beautiful Maladies

2nd Place-Cathi Pedretti Calhoun-It Must Be Something I Ate

3rd Place-Teri Gammalo-Maggie Scenes

Best In Theme-Robert Ball-Misfit Toy



1st Place-Chick Curtis-Dear John

2nd Place-Don Namestra-Ocean Power

3rd Place-Vicki Pedersen-Welcome Home

Honorable Mention-Geeta Pattanaik-White Houses on the Cliffs

Best In Theme-Chick Curtis-Supsended Angel



1st Place-Tim Waldner-A Power Nap

2nd Place-Tony Podue-Angelsgate Lighthouse

3rd Place-Tony Podue-Scooter Girl

Honorable Mention-Cody Flores-Black Lagoon

Best In Theme-Melinda Sand-Dismantle Me



1st Place-Susan De'Armond-Secret in Heritage Park

2nd Place-Larry Springer-Beachcomber at Crystal Cove

3rd Place-Geeta Pattanaik-Bowl in the Morning

Honorable Mention-Teri Gammalo-Irvine Landscape

Best In Theme-Zita Villanueva-Creepshow


 -Enhanced Photography-

1st Place-Eric Peterson-Vamp Portrait

2nd Place-Ira Yawnick-The Ghost Model

3rd Place-Eric Peterson-Angry

Honorable Mention-Cathi Pedretti Calhoun-Three Broads on Brooms Over Corona

Best In Theme-Robert Ball-Misfit Toy


 -Standard Photography-

1st Place-Cynthia Ramirez-Chu-Chu's Ghost

2nd Place-Robert Ardito-Undaunted

3rd Place-Tom Munoz-Deep Thought

Honorable Mention-Constance St. Jean-Keep Spinning

Best in Theme-Cynthia Ramirez-Chu-Chu's Ghost


 -Mixed Media-

1st Place-Cathi Pedretti Calhoun-Mother's 100th Birthday

2nd Place-Rob Mease-Seen Better Days

3rd Place-Rebecca Steelman-Nihilist Run In With Two Faces

Honorable Mention-Mackenzie Maxwell-Lola

Best In Theme-Chick Curtis-Don't Eat the Fiber Glass



1st Place-Blanche Banuelos-One Last Time

2nd Place-Brian Williams-Crab on the Rocks

3rd Place-Robin Coats-Fronk

Honorable Mention-Blanche Banuelos-When I Dream

Best In Theme-Blanche Banuelos-One Last Time



1st Place-Alyssa Rietsch-Ash

2nd Place-Robin Coats-Worms Crawl Out

3rd Place-Teri Gammalo-Calle Lilies

Honorable Mention-Mackenzie Maxwell-The Boy

Best In Theme-Mackenzie Maxwell-Peek A Boo



Best In Theme-Robert Ball-Monster Under the Bed

Honorable Mention-Jake West-The Horde

3rd Place-Jake West-The Meat Man!

2nd Place-Jake West-It's Alive!

1st Place-Robert Ball-Four Brothers Grim