1st Place-Tim Waldner-Sister's First Greeting

2nd Place-Tim Waldner-In The Garden

3rd Place-Joyce Matthews-Grow Up Brightly

Best In Show-Blanche Banuelas-The Guardian

Best In Theme-Tim Waldner-Sister's First Greeting



1st Place-Teri Gammalo-Daisies and Grapes

2nd Place-Aurelia Thompson-Orange Bliss

3rd Place-Geeta Pattanaik-Two Vases and a Rose

Best In Theme-Joyce Matthews-Grow Up Brightly

Honorable Mention-Benone Achiriloaie-Memorial Chapel at University of Redlands



1st Place-Kami Leonard-The One That Got Away

2nd Place-Frank Pizzuto-Inside-Out

3rd Place-Tony Podue-Haystack

Honorable Mention-Wendy Li-Bertrams-Sunrize Mountain View with Wildflowers

Best In Theme-Frank Pizzuto-The Hole



1st Place-Susan De’Armond-Trio Blanca

2nd Place-Brice Wilson-New Bedford Harbor

3rd Place-Petruta Achiriloaie-Sunset in the Fields

Best In Theme-Susan De'Armond-White Profusion

Honorable Mention-Wendy Li-Bertrams-Spring Mountain View


 -Enhanced Photography-

1st Place-Don Welton-TransAmerica White in Black

2nd Place-Robert Ball-Hunter & Hunted

3rd Place-Robert Ball-Peacock Magic

Best In Theme-Cathi Pedretti Calhoun-A Pipe, a Pod or a Proboscis


 -Standard Photography-

1st Place-Rob Mease-White Dove of the Desert

2nd Place-Eric Peterson-Matilija Poppy

3rd Place-Stephanie E'amato-Peek-A-Boo

Best In Theme-Don Welton-Lexi in High Key White

Honorable Mention-Maddy Kohler-Pampas


 -Mixed Media-

1st Place-Chick Curtis-The Shadow

2nd Place-Robin Coats-City Park

3rd Place-Teri Gammalo-Cherry Cherry Cherry Cheesecake

Best In Theme-Robin Coats-Hard Rock

Honorable Mention-Chick Curtis-Jade Supremes



1st Place-Mackenzie Maxwell-Benedict

2nd Place-Robin Coats-Plumeria II

3rd Place-Susan Jimenez-Wyap

Best In Theme-Tim Waldner-Sister's First Greeting

Honorable Mention-Alyssa Rietsch-Sydney



1st Place-Eric Peterson-Fresh Start

2nd Place-Robert Ball-The Hats

3rd Place-Hannah Peterson-Journey of My Life

Best In Theme-Eric Peterson-Fresh Start

Honorable Mention-Alyssa Rietsch-Sunny



1st Place-Midge Tosten Kilgour-Hummingbird's Delight

2nd Place-Eric Peterson-Big Toe

3rd Place-Midge Tosten Kilgour-Shimmering Seashells

Best In Theme-Midge Tosten Kilgour-Hummingbird's Delight