Mixed Media   

Honorable Mention- Robert Ball, Harmony & Discord

3rd Place- Robin Coats, Birds of a Feather

2nd Place- Cathi Pedretti Calhoun, Midnight Sonata

1st Place- Cathi Pedretti Calhoun, Spiritoso Sonatina


Honorable Mention- Eric Peterson, Traumatophobia

3rd Place- Kami Leonard, Open Mic

2nd Place- Eric Peterson, I Got My MTV

1st Place- Kami Leonard, The Fat Lady Sings


3rd Place- Tricia Boss, Denim

2nd Place- Brian Williams, Fid'l

1st Place- Tricia Boss, Osk-Kosh

Standard Photography   

Honorable Mention- Rob Mease, Walkways of Oia

3rd Place- Cynthia Ramirez, Manic Monday

2nd Place- Cynthia Ramirez, Spirit of Music 

1st Place- Brice Wilson, Empire Vien

Enhanced Photography   

3rd Place- Eric Peterson, Music of the Night

2nd Place- Brice Wilson, NY Accordian

1st Place- Ira Yawnick, Let's Fiddle Around


2nd Place- Wendi Li-Bertrams, Maloof Legacy

1st Place- Petruta Achiriloaie, Quiet Melody


Honorable Mention- Michael Dawson, Spello Italy

3rd Place- Nancy Goodhue-McWiliams, Noise

2nd Place- Tim Waldner, Solo for One

1st Place- KamiLeonard, In Her Eyes: Liberty


3rd Place, Wendi Li-Bertrams, Lucy Garden Picnic

2nd Place- Joyce Matthews, Goody Goody (Audience of One)

1st Place- Benone Achiriloaie, Rose Garden Symphony


Best in Theme- Blanche Banuelos, Le Quattro Stagioni 

3rd Place- Chick Curtis, Pondering the Feathers

2nd Place- Robin Coats, Soloist

1st Place- Chick Curtis, Taxi

Best in Show- Blanche Banuelos, Le Quattro Stagioni