SHOW AWARDS: Curves, Lines, Patterns



Best In Show- Tony Podue | Scooter Girl

1st Place- Chick Curtis |Cooling Trend

2nd Place- Geeta Pattanaik | Mending Fences

3rd Place- Cynthia Ramirez | Mystical Borrego

Best In Theme- Blanch Banuelos | Beta-Mama



1st Place- Vicki Pedersen | Afternoon at the Plaza

2nd Place- Chick Curtis | Girl with the Pearl Necklace

3rd Place- Aurelia Thompson | Pear

Best In Theme- Joyce Matthews | Reflection in Glass

Honorable Mention- Rebecca Steelam | Agave and Rose




1st Place- Michael Dawson | Catalina Pathway

2nd Place- Tony Podue | Hotel Cabrillo & Happy Diner

3rd Place- Wendy Li-Bertram | Riverwalk in Riverside

Best In Theme- Tim Waldner | Queen of the Aquacros

Honorable Mention- Tony Podue | The Painter I Used To Be



1st Place- Geeta Pattanaik | Koi Hide and Seek

2nd Place- Zita Villanueva | Mission Inn - East View

3rd Place- Mary Irvin-Baker | Apple Strawberry Pie- Oh My!

Best In Theme-  Geeta Pattanaik | Mending Fences

Honorable Mention-  Wendy Li-Bertrams | Old Classmates


 -Enhanced Photography-

1st Place- Robert Ball | Phasing Through

2nd Place- Eric & Donna Peterson | Homer Odyssey

3rd Place- Eric Peterson | Human Maze

Best In Theme- Robert Ball | Phasing Through


 -Standard Photography-

1st Place- Ira Yawnick | The Attic Window

2nd Place- Kylie Painter | Ellie

3rd Place- Ira Yawnick | El Paseo

Best In Theme- Ira Yawnick | Circles, Lines, and Shapes

Honorable Mention- Zita Villanieva | Dawn of a New Light


 -Mixed Media-

1st Place- Chase Kirkingburg | Vincent's Day Off

2nd Place- Tim Waldner | Aquacade Visit

3rd Place- Teri Gammalo | Poppies in a Blue Pattern

Best In Theme- Cathi Calhoun | Prickly Papagros

Honorable Mention- Chick Curtis | Chair Director



1st Place-  Teri Gammalo | Blue Trees

2nd Place-  Geeta Pattanaik | Leaves on the Move

3rd Place- Teri Gammalo | Barn in Ohio

Best In Theme- Adrian Thompson | Between the Lines

Honorable Mention- Mackenzie Maxwell | Don't Let the Flies in, Billie



1st Place- Robert Ball | Circus Magic

2nd Place- Jake West | Eyestrain

3rd Place- Eric Peterson | Race to The Finish

Best In Theme- Jake West | Tomes

Honorable Mention-  Jake Wesr | Out of Reach



1st Place- Midge Tosten-Kilgour | Blue Squares

2nd Place- Blanche Banuelos | Beta-Moma

3rd Place-  Midge Tosten-Kilgour | Twisted and Woven

Best In Theme- Blanch Banuelos | Beta-Moma

Honerable Mention- Robert Ball | Perfect Geometry