Best In Theme- Robert Ball, Eternity

3rd Place- Jake West, The Mermaid Queen's True Self

2nd Place- Brian Williams, Ghost Truck

1st Place- Jake West, Rainy Daze

Mixed Media   

Best In Theme- Darian Thompson, Wishing Waves

Honorable Mention- Cathi Pedretti Calhoun, It's Pouring Parasols

3rd Place- Zita Villanueva, Fall Harvest

2nd Place- Cathi Pedretti Calhoun, Purple Puffins

1st Place- Susan De'Armond, Drive-By Sunset

Standard Photography   

Best In Theme- Ashley Hines, Splash with the Lens Ball

Honorable Mention- Ashley Hines, The Big Splash

3rd Place- Geeta Pattanaik, Dancing in the Rain

2nd Place- Robert Ball, Babbling Brook

1st Place- Eric Peterson, Morning Marigold


Best In Theme- Geeta Pattanaik, Hand Wash Only

Honorable Mention- Zita Villanueva, King

3rd Place- Susan De'Armond, Fountain at SJC

2nd Place- Susan De'Armond, Crescendo

1st Place- Brice Wilson, Pismo Cliffs


Best In Theme- Brice Wilson, T5 Lake

Honorable Mention- Mackenzie Maxwell, Sci-Fi Legend

3rd Place- Tony Podue, El Matador State Beach

2nd Place- Michae lDawson, Peggy's Cove

1st Place- Tim Waldner, Truckin' in Barton Flats


Best In Theme- MaryAnne Ardito, Paris in the Rain

3rd Place- Chick Curtis, Shopping Day

2nd Place- Teri Gammalo, Sweet Peas

1st Place- Aurelia Thompson, Rock Hunter


Best In Theme- Zita Villanueva, Juice It Up

3rd Place- Teri Gammalo, Flowers in Red Vase

2nd Place- Chick Curtis, Gateway to Paradise

1st Place- Tony Podue, One Cool Cat

Best In Show- Eric Peterson, Spring Rain