THE ARTS COLONY | Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have to be a member of The Arts Colony to participate in the different art activities around the park?

No you do not need to be a member.  Membership is for artists or patrons who want to regularly participate in art shows or those who simply want to support the the mission of Corona Heritage Park and TAC to make the arts and art education available to the community.


How do I sign up for art classes?

You will want to visit the Education section where all the latest classes should be listed.  You can also contact the individual artist in residence or even our member artists to find out what classes they may be offering in the future.  In addition to art classes, The Arts Colony generally will offer an artist demonstration once a month.  For more information about demonstrations, click on the Calendar section.


Does The Arts Colony have specific hours?

The short answer is “no.”  Typically the park is active during the morning until the late evening.  However, most of the park run facilities are open Tue.-Sat. from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. this includes the Heritage Park Museum and Heritage Gallery.  Of course all of our special events have specific hours as well.  The Artist in Residence studios are open when the artist will be working.  You can contact them directly if you’d like to plan a visit.


I am an artist and would be interested in renting out a studio - are there any studios available and how much does space cost?

Please contact The Arts Colony by email and phone to inquire about space.  Studio space is priced at a reasonable square foot price, and because each studio is unique - prices will vary.  Please note, in order to be an artist in residence at TAC, there are specific expectations - such as the requirement to offer classes to the community, etc.  It is recommended that you submit your interest in writing as a waiting list has been developed.


Can I purchase art that I saw in the Heritage Gallery.

Yes, in most cases.  Most artwork should be labelled with a price.  If artwork is labelled with NFS that means it is Not For Sale.  If the artwork is no longer in the gallery, you may contact The Arts Colony to inquire about it, or you may contact the artist directly if you remember who the artist is for that particular piece of work.


What is an Open, Juried, and Judged show?

That means it is open to all artists, members and non-members, to enter qualifying works, but there is no promise that the work will be included in the exhibit.  A juried show means that work will be selected for exhibit and some works might not be included in the exhibit.  There is no guarantee that some or all of your submissions will be selected for inclusion in the exhibit. 

If your work is not selected for inclusion in the exhibit you will be contacted to pick up your pieces prior to the opening of the show. 

If any of your works are included in the exhibition they will be judged by our juror and considered for all appropriate award categories.