Ravages of Time


3D/ Sculpture   

Best In Theme- PhilKilgour, Krafty

Honorable Mention- Robin Coats, Clock Works

Third Place- Frank Pizzuto, Dream of the Lands

Second Place- Mary Gehly, Here Comes The Sun

First Place- Mary Gehly, Butterfly Bowl


Best In Theme- Mackenzie Maxwell, 1924

Third Place- Mackenzie Maxwell, 1924

Second Place- Brian Williams, Unconditioned

First Place- Chick Curtis, Untitled

Mixed Media   

Best In Theme- Teri Gammalo, Chanel Cupcake

Honorable Mention- Robin Coats, Little Golden Book Rider

Third Place- Kami Leonard, My Totem

Second Place- Chick Curtis, Twins

First Place- Victor Ciobanu, Composite 2

Standard Photography   

Best In Theme- Brice Wilson, Altoids Can

Honorable Mention- Ira Yawnick, The Ghost Car

Third Place- Katherine Zook, 92309

Second Place- Cynthia Ramirez, Abandoned

First Place- Cynthia Ramirez, Old Rusty

Enhanced Photography   

Best In Theme- Eric "Lucky O'Looney"Peterson, Almost There

Honorable Mention- Robert Ball, Train Cars

Third Place- Eric "Lucky O'Looney"Peterson, Bodie Panorama

Second Place- Ira Yawnick, Old Truck

First Place-Cathi Pedretti-Calhoun, Dolly Lost on the Steps


Best in Theme- Wendy Li-Bertrams, Women in the Garden

Third Place- R. Mike Nichols, Watching TV

Second Place- R. Mike Nichols, Behind the Scene

First Place- Teri Gammalo, The Mall Walkers


Best In Theme- Michael Dawson, Paths Traveled

Third Place- Natelie Klymkowych, Gratitude

Second Place- Tony Podue, Lakewood Cyclery

First Place- Michael Dawson, Avalon Bay


Best In Theme Joyce Matthews, His Eyes Would Follow Me

Honorable Mention- Benone Achiriloaie, Mission San Juan Capistrano

Third Place- Geeta Pattanaik, White Houses on the Hill

Second Place- Teri Gammalo, The Diner

First Place- Chick Curtis, Shadow Shapes


Best In Theme- Joyce Matthews, His Eyes Would Follow Me

Third Place- R. Mike Nichols, Snoozing

Second Place- Tim Waldner, Shady Stream

First Place- Tim Waldner, Safe Harbor

Best In Show- Blanche Banuelos, Rusty, Worn, with Spark of Lfe