Best In Theme- Rob Mease, Pele Godess of Fire

2nd Place- Robin Coats, Spoon handle earrings red

1st Place- Rob Mease, Pele Godess of Fire

Digital Art   

3rd Place- Eric Peterson, A Little Splash of Color

2nd Place- Kami Leonard, Little Red

1st Place- Kami Leonard, Little Red Bird of Happiness


3rd Place- Teri Gammalo, Red Flowers with Fruit

2nd Place- chick curtis, showing some spine

1st Place- Mackenzie Maxwell, Alter Ego

Mixed Media   

Honorable Mention- Mackenzie Maxwell, Guardian

3rd Place- Kat Trevino, ROOTED

2nd Place- Teri Gammalo, An Apple a Day

1st Place- Cathi Pedretti,Calhoun, Ramification

Standard Photography   

Best In Theme- Cynthia Ramirez, Looking for Snow White

Honorable Mention- Bruce Arnold, American Eagles for Freedom

3rd Place- Cynthia Ramirez, Looking for Snow White

2nd Place- Al Ramirez, Big Red

1st Place- ira yawnick, Sorry, No Gas

Enhanced Photography   

Best In Theme- Robert Ball, Vibrant

Honorable Mention- Robert Ball, Newport Balboa

3rd Place- Robert Ball, Red Rose

2nd Place- Eric Peterson, Little Red

1st Place- Robert Ball, Vibrant


Best In Theme- Brice Wilson, Ira's Trucks

Honorable Mention- Cathi Pedretti Calhoun, Cheryl's Honeymoon in Paris

3rd Place- Susan De'Armond, Beets Me!

2nd Place- Brice Wilson, Ira's Trucks

1st Place- Mary Irvin-Baker, Follow you path....


Best In Theme- Susan De'Armond, Pom Delight

Honorable Mention- Michael Dawson, Corsair Prop

3rd Place- Darian Thompson, Red Robin

2nd Place- Michael Dawson, Balboa Shopping

1st Place- Tony Podue, Hotel Cabrillo & The Happy Diner


Best In Theme- Aurelia Thompson, Sun kissed

Honorable Mention- MaryAnne Ardito, Nature's Gems

3rd Place- Aurelia Thompson, Red Berries

2nd Place- Chick Curtis, rhythm

1st Place- Karen Neal, High Humidity


Best In Theme- Cynthia Ramirez, Ms Lonely

3rd Place- Jan Townsend, Red Boat Waiting 

2nd Place- Aurelia Thompson, Sun kissed

1st Place- Chick curtis, low tide

Best In Show- tim waldner, four to five