SHOW AWARDS: Tomfoolery



Best In Show- Midge Tosten-Kilgour | Disconcerto

1st Place- Chick Curtis |Clouds Over Lexington

2nd Place- Cynthia Ramirez | Orangetastic

3rd Place- Chick Curtis | Day and Night Angels

Best In Theme- Blanche Banuelos | Are We There Yet?



1st Place- Geeta Pattanaik | In The Clearing

2nd Place- Aurelia Thompson | Mother's Love

3rd Place- Vivki Pederson | Lakota

Best In Theme- Philip Kilgour | Tom Foolon' Around

Honorable Mention- Karen Neal | Attitude is Everything




1st Place- Julio Alcantar | A House Built on the Rock

2nd Place- Michael Dawson | Plumeria

3rd Place- Tony Podue | Outlaw Josey Wales

Best In Theme- Tim Waldner | The Bad Cheese

Honorable Mention- Michael Dawson | Red Bike At Beach House



1st Place- Geeta Pattanaik | Sticker Surprise

2nd Place- Cathi Pedretti Calhoun | John Dugan in Lucy's Garden

3rd Place- Teri Gammalo | Bouquet from Admirer

Best In Theme-  Wendy Li-Betrams | Vollyball in Hungtington Beach

Honorable Mention-  Brice Wilson | Pismo Beach Cliffs


 -Enhanced Photography-

1st Place- Ira Yawnick | Tag, You're It!

2nd Place- Cathi Pedretti Calhoun | Hey Raggedy's...Get A Room!

3rd Place- Cathi Pedretti Calhoun | E.T. Phone Home

Honorable Mention- Bruce Arnold | The Green Hornet Automobile


 -Standard Photography-

1st Place- Aurelia Thompson | Curious Little Kitchen

2nd Place- Bruce Arnold | Island of Knowhere

3rd Place- Aurelia Thompson | War at D'Orsay

Best In Theme- Al Ramirez | Where Are My Shoes

Honorable Mention- Chick Curtis | Demons And Angels


 -Mixed Media-

1st Place- Tim Waldner | The Stuff of Dreams

2nd Place- Teri Gammalo | Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

3rd Place- Teri Gammalo | Sunset Lighthouse

Best In Theme- Chick Curtis | Day and Night Angels

Honorable Mention- Nancy Goodhue-McWilliams | Feather Brain Storm



1st Place-  Brian Williams | Relativity

2nd Place-  Willow Hardy | Sisters

3rd Place- Jake West | Trust

Best In Theme- Denis Hack | Giraffoucan

Honorable Mention- Jake West | Ejecta



1st Place- Blanche Banuelos | Are We There Yet?

2nd Place- Jeanne Chase | Designs by Tom F.

3rd Place-  Rob Mease | Monkey Bars

Best In Theme- Midge Tosten Kilgour | Disconcerto