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4 entries per Artist (members only)
Maximum of 3 entries per Artist (non-members)


$15 for first piece, $10 for second piece, and $5 for third piece, fourth piece FREE
(members only)
$20 for first piece, $15 for second piece, and $10 for third piece, no fourth option (non-members)
$5 each entry, fourth piece FREE
(students only)

SALES: The Arts Colony's commission is 20%. Once a piece is accepted into this exhibit, sale of that piece is subject to TAC’s commission until the end of the exhibit.

DELIVERY OF ART: Accepted artwork must be hand delivered to TAC on November 1st, 2019 or November 2nd, 2019 between 10 am and 2 pm. 

*Artwork may be accepted prior to the open take-in times by appointment only.  To schedule an appointment, please call Tony Podue at 714-876-5559.  Entry fees for artwork submitted prior to the open take-in times must be pre-paid using our on-line payment system and a printed receipt must be turned in, along with the show entry form, at the time the artwork is submitted.

ART CONDITION: Artwork must adhere to the size requirements, be clean, framed, wired and ready to hang or place on a base. Paint & any other materials must be dry. Label each piece on the back of the piece.  Labels can be found on the entry form.  Please see our Show Guidelines for more information regarding the artwork specifications, as well as some helpful video tutorials on framing and wiring your piece.

AWARDS: Cash awards will be given for artist entries only as follows: $200 for Best in Show, $150 First Place (Overall), $100 Second Place (Overall), $50 Third Place (Overall), $100 for Best in Theme (Overall), $30 for First Place in each qualifying category.  Non-monetary award ribbons will be given for 2nd, and 3rd, for all qualifying categories and theme.  Special Awards and Honorable Mention Ribbons may also be awarded based on merit.

JUROR: Toni Danchik

      Toni Danchik always has her eyes open and camera ready to capture special moments when they occur. It could be a certain lighting on a child at play, someone walking their dogs, the interaction between seagulls on the beach, some fruit lying on a counter top or simply a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Part of what attracts her is the “story” behind every image. 

       Toni says she looks for good design, the interaction of shapes, colors, and the effects of light on a subject. She tries to stay true to her first feeling and heartfelt response to her subject and she is always mindful of how she applies paint to the canvas by using expressive brush stokes to keep her work rich and engaging. 

       Being born and raised in South Africa has given her some insight into the plight of women and children living in the shanty towns and rural villages with their lack of clean running water and the absence of the most basic facilities. 

       Contrasted against the bleakness of poverty, Toni finds that the beautiful textures and colors of their garments, their creativity in how they decorate their homes, their beautiful smiles and warm hearts are inspiring and draws her attention.

       Toni's heart also goes out to children who become orphans due to the ongoing HIV/AIDS pandemic in Africa. She often uses her influence to bring awareness to the crisis and support organizations that are making an impact at a grassroots level.

       Living along the coast of southern California has been another source of great inspiration for Toni. She loves painting subjects such as birds on the beach, sunsets, children building sand castles, dog walkers in the park, the beautiful land and seascapes. She enjoys spending time in her studio where she paints from her vast photo reference library that she has built from all her travels.

       Toni’s interest in art was ignited at a very young age when she did craft projects with her mother. After leaving high school, she studied printmaking at the Johannesburg Technical College, but ended up pursuing a career as an in-house graphic designer for a non-profit organization for 10 years. 

       The artist’s spirit in her was rekindled after she moved to the United States and was introduced to the early California Impressionists, the local plein air painters and the inspiring art of the Russian Impressionists that graced the walls of galleries and museums she visited.

       Her skills were honed by taking painting workshops and classes with artists such as Chris Gwaltney, Jacquelin Kamin, Jove Wang, Jeffrey Watts, and many others. She also enjoys teaching art classes in a local gallery in San Juan Capistrano. 

       Her work has been displayed at many national and international juried competitions and shows and she has won numerous awards. Her work has also appeared in several Juried OPA National and Regional Shows. You can see an updated list of her awards on her website. Her biggest career highlight is to be one of the exhibiting artists at the 2017 & 2018 Festival of Arts in Laguna Beach California.


RECEPTION: We will have a reception for this show will be on September 15th, 2019 from 2 pm to 4 pm at the Art House Gallery.  Awards will be announced at the reception.


PICK UP OF ARTWORK: All artwork MUST be picked up on (                       )  at the Art House Gallery.  Note: All work must be picked up within two weeks of show close or it becomes the property of TAC.  Please make arrangements accordingly. No work may be withdrawn before the close of the show without permission from the show chair.

The Arts Colony is located at 3120 Taylor Ave, Corona 92882, one block W. of Main St. in Corona. Entries will be accepted in the Art House Gallery, the second house on the right as you enter Corona Heritage Park.

Click the link shown for the show entry form.  All artists are welcome. You do not have to be a member of TAC :) 

Questions: Tony Podue | 714-876-5559

The Art Of Type 2019

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