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Debra Varvi



Debi Varvi has been an artist since she first picked up a crayon. Born in Texas in 1956,her father was a fighter pilot in the Air Force and her mother was a homemaker. With her family, she traveled extensively, absorbing art and culture on a global scale. With her rich Italian heritage, her family instilled in her an immigrant’s pride of place, history, and an appreciation of culture. Perhaps because of her exposure to so much variety and strangeness, she is fascinated and bemused by humans and their weird ways. Happily, her parents encouraged her artistic endeavors, even though they were often confused by her obsessions with mythological stories, monsters, and anthropomorphic creatures. You can often find her work in person at the Riverside Community Art Association, The Corona Art Colony, The Riverside Art Museum, and Division 9 Gallery.


Her online presence is on her website at, and on Instagram @debivarvistudio.

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