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THE ARTS COLONY |  Operational Guidelines



A.    The name of this organization shall be The Arts Colony at Corona Heritage Park, it may further be referred to regionally as The Arts                Colony as well as TAC.

B.    The mission of TAC is to promote and provide access to the arts through education, events, and experiences through a regional day-              use arts colony located at Corona Heritage Park in Corona, California.


ARTICLE 2   OPERATIONAL BOARD - Election & General Function

A.    TAC shall be directed by an Operational Board of Directors (OB).

B.    The OB shall consist of a board appointed at the will of the Corona Heritage Foundation Executive Board (CHP EB). 

C.    Directors are appointed to a term of two years.

D.    A quorum for the OB shall consist of 51% or greater of appointed directors.

E.    Directors may be reassigned or released at the will of the CHF EB.

F.    The OB shall determine, by a simple majority vote of those present, any significant decision concerning TAC or the spending of money         to be expended for non-budgeted items above $100.

G.    Any member of the CHF EB may serve as ex-officio member of the OB, however they are not factored into a quorum and will refrain              from motions and voting.



A.    The OB positions of TAC shall be an Executive Director, Director of Membership and Finance, Director of Outreach and Community                Development, Director of Shows and Exhibits, Director of Education, and a Director of Volunteers and Special Events.

B.    The Executive Director (ED) shall:

        1.    Generally oversee TAC and preside at all OB meetings.
       2.    Recommend for approval - chairpersons for all regular and special committees.
       3.    Serve as an ex-officio member of any committee upon request.
       4.    Provide leadership for and represent CHP Artists in Residence at regular meetings of the CHF board meetings.

C.    The Director of Membership and Finance shall:

        1.    Preside at meetings of TAC in the absence of the ED.
       2.    Provide regular reports regarding Membership and Finances.
       3.    Fulfill duties as delegated by the ED.
       4.    Collect, deposit, and disburse the funds of TAC.
       5.    Keep an accounting of all receipts and disbursements.

D.    The Director of Outreach and Community Development shall:

        1.    Provide oversight and direction in promoting TAC locally and within the region.
       2.    Oversee all areas of communication (Newsletter, Website, Flyers).
       3.    Facilitate as necessary and participate in a consortium of like-minded entities within the local community (e.g. Symphony, Theatre                   groups, Fender Museum).

E.    The Director of Shows and Exhibits shall:

        1.    Recommend and coordinate with OB, all shows and exhibits, both in-house and within the community.
       2.    Coordinate judges for juried shows.
       3.    Facilitate and oversee take-in, installation, and pick-up.

F.    The Director of Education shall:

        1.    Facilitate monthly demonstrations and/or other educational opportunities for adults.
       2.    Ensure arts education opportunities exist (both free and at reasonable cost) for children and youth.
       3.    Develop relationships with local schools and organizations to provide opportunities for students to be involved in TAC.
       4.    Work with Director of Shows to facilitate a minimum of two short term student show opportunities per year.
       5.    Record the minutes of OB meetings.

G.    The Director of Volunteers and Special Events shall:

        1.    Coordinate as necessary volunteers for the various needs associated with the general operation of TAC and it’s galleries.
       2.    Oversee the coordination and operation of special events held by TAC.



A.    Committees may be created and dissolved at the will of the OB to fulfill all necessary tasks to accomplish the mission of TAC.

B.    All Committee Chairs are empowered to appoint their own committee members.



A.   Membership shall consist of two categories: Student, Artist.

B.    Membership will be conferred only upon recommendation and approval of the Operational Board.

C.    Non-student membership will require annual dues and willingness to actively support the objectives of the TAC as stated in Article 1              above.

D.    Student membership shall be free of dues.  A student is any artist 21 years or younger.  Students members will commit to volunteer for          a designated amount of time per month.

E.    Artists in Residence members shall have no dues as a result of paying rent for studio space.

F.    Members are NOT considered members as defined by CNCC Section 7310 and therefore shall not act on behalf of the organization               through voting or by other means.

G.    Members who consistently fail to follow guidelines and/or procedures, or who fail to conduct themselves in a professional and                       respectful manner, or who otherwise labor against the mission of TAC will be removed from membership by the OB.



A.    Galleries shall maintain regular hours that are in conjunction with CHP.

B.    Galleries shall be maintained to professional gallery standards.



A.    Member show exhibitors must be members in good standing (paid-up) of TAC. 

B.    Student Shows shall be open to non-members enrolled in local community high schools and colleges.

C.    All exhibitors shall accept, and abide by, conditions and terms of the Exhibition Prospectus (EP).  Non-compliance may result in                     removal of work from an existing exhibit and possible exclusion from future exhibits, based on recommendations to the OB by the                 Director of Shows and Exhibits.

D.    Only original work created within the last three (3) years of show start will be accepted for hanging unless otherwise specified in the EP..

E.    TAC shall provide a minimum of two special arts focused events a year that will be Park-wide in scope (e.g. Arts Walk, Holiday Art/Craft                     Bazaar, Art in the Park).

F.    TAC will partner with like-minded arts groups (Visual Arts, Music, Theatre) to hold special events at CHP and to bring awareness of art            opportunities within the region.



A.    TAC shall provide regular educational opportunities through:

        1.    Demonstrations
       2.    Art Classes for Adults and Children
       3.    Artist Workshops
       4.    Special Events



A.    Any changes to the operational procedures of TAC shall be based on a majority recommendation of the OB to the CHF EB, and their           subsequent approval.

B.    Roberts Rules of Order shall govern in matters of parliamentary procedures at all meetings of the OB.



A.    The fiscal year will be January 1 to December 31.



A.    Earnings:  No earnings of TAC shall at any time accrue to the benefit of any of the OB, committees, the membership, or any other                  private individual. This provision does not include payment to individuals for the sale of their artwork at TAC sponsored exhibitions nor          cash or item awards received in the shows and exhibitions of TAC.

B.    The percentage of proceeds from the sale of artwork at TAC for the benefit of TAC will be specified in the prospectus for that specific           show or event.

C.    Dissolution:  In the event of the dissolution of TAC, no member or director shall be entitled to any distribution or division of its                        remaining property, net earnings, or its proceeds. The balance of all money and other property received by TAC from any source, after          payment of all debts and obligations of TAC, shall be used or distributed exclusively for general purposes of the CHF

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