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What are the benefits of becoming a member?

Our members receive a discount on their entry fees and have the ability to enter four pieces in our shows, with the fourth piece being FREE to enter!  Non-members are only able to enter up to three pieces. They also receive emails regarding opportunities to showcase their work for free through our community partners such as the Corona Library Gallery and are showcased on our online roster.

For more information about our show entry fee schedule, please see our Show Guidelines.

Do I need to be a Member to enter a Show?

Our shows are open to the public, both Members and Non-Members!  


Does my artwork have to adhere to the "theme" of the show?

Absolutely not! Our shows have a theme to help inspire our artists, however the theme is not mandatory.  It is not uncommon to have many entries in a show that are not in theme and it is not uncommon for non-theme entries to win awards.  The only awards a non-theme entry are not eligible for are the Best In Theme awards.

What types of artwork can I enter in a show?

We accept all forms of fine art!  We have categories for Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor, Mixed Media, Photography (Standard and Enhanced), Drawing, Digital Art, and 3D/Sculpture.  

For more information about artwork categories, please see our Show Guidelines.

Is there an artwork size requirement or limitation?

There is no minimum size requirement, however we must be able to display the piece either by hanging on a wall or sitting on a table.  If your piece requires a display structure other than a table easel, we ask that you provide the structure with your piece.

We do have a size limitation.  Unfortunately at this time we we are not able to display pieces larger than 60" tall.  If your piece is larger than 42" wide, you can enter it, but it will be counted as and charged as two pieces.

For more information about Artwork Requirements, please see our Show Guidelines.

Can I enter a piece that I have previously entered in one of your shows?

You may re-enter pieces that have previously been entered in one of our shows as long as it has not previously won a "Best In Show" award.

Do I need to be juried in to the show?

You do not need to be juried in to the show, however you may be juried out.  Each show juror has the discretion to jury recommend pieces be juried out.  The show committee will review the recommendations and may decide to jury a piece out.

Some reasons a piece might be juried out of a show include artwork with structural issues, artwork that has not been prepared properly, space limitations in the gallery, or the piece has been deemed inappropriate for the general viewing audience.

To minimize the chances your piece is juried out, please read and review our Show Guidelines

How do I enter a Show?

To help you through this process we have created a guide on How To Enter A Show.

I submitted my entry, but I didn't get an email with my Show Entry Form and Tags.

Once you submit the on-line Show Entry Form, you will receive and email with the show entry form and tags for your artwork. The email will come from littleginsu at gmail dot com. If you do not receive the email, check your spam folder.  If you still do not receive the form, you do not need to submit a new one.  We can print your forms for you when you come to drop off your artwork. 


For more information on the show entry process, please see How To Enter A Show.

How do I prepare my artwork for a show?

To help you through this process we have created a guide on How To Enter A Show.

How do I pay for my show entries on-line?

To help you through this process we have created a guide on How To Pay On-line.

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