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Please read and review our Show Guidelines


Prepare your artwork for entry.  For information on how to frame and wire your piece, please review these videos.


Complete a Show Entry Form (Download to your Computer and open on your device). 

  • Download the PDF to your computer or device & open with PDF viewer software

  • Please follow the link to print and complete your take-in form prior to dropping off your artwork.

  • Cut off bottom Portions and attach them to the back of your artwork

  • If you can not print out the form, we will have some at the gallery for you, please allow extra time to complete this process. As always we will have volunteers to help answer any questions you may have


Submit payment.  You can pay on-line or you can pay when you drop your artwork off on the day of Take-In.  If you are dropping off your artwork prior to Take-In, you must pay on-line prior to dropping off your pieces.  


Schedule a day to sit at the Gallery.  Please pick at least one day during the show to come sit at the Gallery.  If this is your first time entering a show and/or sitting at our Gallery, please wait until Take-In to schedule a sitting date and we will make sure you have a partner to help you through your first session.  Otherwise, please schedule your day through our on-line system.  In order to make sure we have full coverage during the show, we ask members not to double up appointments unless all the days are already covered.


Bring your artwork, Show Entry Form, show tags, and proof of on-line payment (if applicable) to the Gallery during the Take-In times for the show.  If you aren't sure how to attach the show tags to your artwork, we can help you attach them at Take-In.  

If you have any questions or if you need any other help, please contact us and we can help you.

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