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THE ARTS COLONY |  Membership Guidelines |  Revised February 2012


  1. By joining The Arts Colony as a member, you acknowledge you have reviewed and agree to the TAC Operational Guidelines.

  2. Members agree to abide by the Standard Show Guidelines as well as all Show Specific Guidelines.

  3. Members agree to honorably represent TAC to the community as an artist in good standing.

  4. Members agree to make every effort to attend TAC functions on a regular basis.

  5. Artist members will attempt to enter at least one show per year.

  6. Members agree to conduct themselves with dignity and professionalism showing respect to fellow artists and their artwork at all TAC events.

  7. Members agree to make an effort to volunteer as able and as needed to help further the mission of TAC.

  8. Members will always pursue quality of craftsmanship and aesthetics in the execution and presentation of their art form and encourage others to do the same.

  9. Members will not plagiarize, reproduce, or take credit for the artwork of others.

  10. Members understand that membership will be conferred only upon recommendation and approval of the TAC Operational Board.

  11. Student membership shall be free of dues.  A student is any artist 21 years or younger.  Student members will commit to volunteer for 2 hours per month as able and as needed.

  12. Artists in Residence members shall have no dues as a result of paying rent for studio space.

  13. Members understand that they are NOT considered members as defined by CNCC Section 7310 and therefore shall not act on behalf of the organization through nominating, voting, or by any other means.

  14. Members who consistently fail to follow guidelines and/or procedures, or who fail to conduct themselves in a professional and respectful manner, or who otherwise labor against the mission of TAC will be removed from membership by the Operational Board.

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