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Kathryn Elliott Duncan has been involved with art materials for more than 20 years. As a ‘materials geek’ she is interested in the creation of and inspiration from art, craft and fabric media. Graduating with a BFA in Painting and Printmaking, she went on to work as a buyer and product developer in art materials. She has become well versed in Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor, Encaustic, Gouache, Egg Tempera, Drawing media, Intaglio, Monoprinting, Etching, Sewing, Beading, Weaving and Dying both as a user and an educator. To Kathryn, the most thrilling part of working with materials is drawing on this knowledge to “solve” artists’ dilemmas when trying to create a specific effect. In 2011 she started Art Workout, a company devoted to art education and inspiration for artists of all ages and experience levels

Education Director | The Arts Colony

Kathryn Duncan

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Lydia Richez- Bowman was born in Nice, France and came to America as a young girl.  Her French heritage continues to be a strong influence in her creativity. She’s excited by the light, energy and culture of southern California as well as the dramatic North Dakota seasons she experienced with her family while living there for several years.  Richez-Bowman started her college education in the arts with a focus on becoming an Interior Designer however fine arts became her passion. Ms. Richez-Bowman has developed and evolved her own unique style with a strong emphasis on design elements. She is a contemporary abstract artist able to create a powerful vision and personal meaning with her use of strong colors and texture in her multi-level works.  The inclusion of metal and metallic materials is a direct reference to her past as a jewelry designer and manufacturer of original works in silver, copper and cloisonné enameling. She also works with and creates unique textile art pieces and considers weaving and other textile art forms as an integral part of her creativity.


Ms. Richez-Bowman is an award winning artist with artworks accepted into innumerable juried exhibitions, solo exhibitions and was invited to participate in the North Dakota Arts Gallery Association –NDAGA traveling exhibit with thirty paintings shown in seven galleries around the state 2014 -2016.  Her artwork is included in personal collections here and abroad.

Metal Embossing

Lydia Richez-Bowman

Watercolor Paints

Zita Villanueva is an artist who has been creating art pieces for 40 years. She has received several awards for her watercolor paintings. She received a scholarship in High School and was also invited to attend a famous art school after she graduated.  She did not attend but took art lessons at Fullerton City College and Rancho Santiago College.  Her mentors were Joanne Rossman from Fullerton, CA and Jessica Zemsky in Big Timer, Montana. She has studied oil painting, inks, pastels and drawing. She prefers to work with watercolors.  She got bored with the way art was being taught at the colleges so she decided to learn on her own.  Zita prefers to paint in the morning as the lighting is perfect and her mind is fresh.  She would like to share with others what she has learned just by painting and experimenting with watercolors on Yupo Synthetic Paper and 265 lb. watercolor paper.  


Zita Villanueva