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Become an Arts Colony Sponsor

Did you know that The Arts Colony is the fastest and biggest art association in Corona?


Our secret? Amazing members from our community that have stepped up to fill a need... ARTS IN CORONA! With a strong focus in expanding arts in our city, we've been rapidly growing our Art Gallery memberships and bringing our neighbors closer together.

With your support we can continue with our yearly student grants, new art shows every month, and those special events throughout the year! 

take a look at the local businesses and families that have helped promote the arts in your backyard, add your name today!

The Banuelos Family

The Pattanaik Family

The Ayers Family

The Peterson Family

The Leonard Family

The Calhoun Family

The Guerra Family

The Nay Family

The Mangan Family

The Higgins Family

The Yawnick Family

Goodhue-McWilliam's Family

The Rahmon Family

The Nichols Family

The Anderson Family

The Waldner Family

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